Shipping method


Shipping method

Time consuming

Suitable goods

Our advantage

Air Express Intermodal

Air Transport + Local Express


LAX, ORD, DTW, JFK are near by FBA address Arrangement, stable timeliness and low cost

Air Truck Intermodal

Air transport + local trucking


Matson shipping Express Intermodal

Matson shipping + Local Express


Matson shipping First hand dealer, freight season, shipping space protection

Matson shipping Truck Intermodal

Matson shipping + local trucking


Ordinary shipping Express Intermodal

Ordinary shipping+ Local Express


LA special line transportation

Ordinary shipping+ Local Express


We have our own US warehouse for easy unloading and transshipment

Bulk Cargo shipping

Ordinary shipping+ Local Express


Provide nearby receiving goods,Save on local shipping costs

Provide nearby receiving goods

> Save on local shipping costs
> 6 Branch offices in three countries
> Peak Season Guarantee

Clear customs advantages

> Pre-risk estimation, safety and stability first 
> Years of customs clearance experience, communicate directly with customs Own system docking customs, 
> Know the status of your cargo at any time

> Full Chinese operation team

> Smooth communication

> Full support

Full support from American companies

American new logistics inc.

Los Angeles office: 17800 Castleton Street, Suite 415, City of Industry, CA 91748

China Office: China Town, Qingpu District, Shanghai Hua Xu Highway 589 ProLogis Park B3