FBA transport

A generation of fat



Replacement label


> Replacement label,Repackage

> Make your product capable secondary sales

> Avoid unnecessary dumping



> First stock to overseas warehouse

> After the transfer to FBA

Returned to China


> The goods cannot be sold and arranged to return to the country.

> Reduce losses in time

Local delivery


> Ship to overseas warehouse

> Delivered throughout the United States

> Reduce inventory pressure

Return service


> Return the buyer’s returned purchase to the overseas warehouse

> Confirm that the product is ready Secondary sales



> Customs clearance from the mainland to the United States

> Local delivery, truck delivery

In 2017, American new logistics established its own warehouse, which is located in Los Angeles. The warehouse management team is all Chinese. At present, there are 10 full-time warehouse workers, covering an area of nearly 7000 square meters. With reasonable warehouse configuration and equipped with "WMS" inventory management system, the efficient operation ability further reduces the cost. It is specialized in sorting, putting on shelves, inventory management and consignment of goods for customers. The modern WMS system can better manage the inventory of overseas warehouses. Our logistics and distribution services, in addition to helping customers complete the distribution requirements of offline stores, can also provide e-commerce platform customers with one-piece consignment, return and exchange, FBA replenishment and other services.

American new logistics inc.

Los Angeles office: 17800 Castleton Street, Suite 415, City of Industry, CA 91748

China Office: China Town, Qingpu District, Shanghai Hua Xu Highway 589 ProLogis Park B3